Eilersen Electric and Alfa Laval Private Label Partnership Ends

Acuity Process Solutions announces exclusive North American Distribution rights
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Alfa Laval Load Cells - New Technology

In this webinar learn about Capacitive systems and technologies, their benefits to the end user, and proper Installation.

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Eilersen (formerly Alfa Laval) Load Cells

Our Technology is Different than old-school strain gauge systems.

Totally Different. And that Difference is the key to better performance. While Capacitance load cell technology has been around for years, Alfa Laval is offering a streamlined, easily cleaned fully-digital load cell that can operate reliably in the most difficult services. Overload them. Sideload them. Subject them to shock. Ship a system across country without installing isolation blocks. Alfa cells will continue to perform like nothing you’ve ever seen.

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Alfa Laval Digital Capacitive Load Cell System Tutorials

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Part 1: Configuration & Basic Operation

This tutorial on digital capacitive load cell systems aims to give a brief overview of the configuration of the Alfa Laval 5024 system to help users get the most out of their system and to provide instructions on the weighing terminal’s main operating screen.

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Part 2: Diagnostic Abilities

This second tutorial on digital capacitive load cell systems aims to give the user a brief overview of the powerful diagnostic tools available with this system. This diagnostic capability is an attractive one because it doesn’t allow operators to make any changes to the system while they are troubleshooting a problem.

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Part 3: System Setup

This is a third of series of tutorials on digital capacitive load cell systems; this particular session aims to give the user an overview of the screens that are used for setup. These screens are generally not utilized by standard operators.

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Part 4: Coarse Taring & Calibrating

This is the fourth in the series of tutorials on digital capacitive load cell systems, and it aims to give the user a brief overview of coarse taring and calibrating. This tutorial offers detailed steps on these processes starting from when the system has just been set up and vessels have been placed on the load cells.

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