Fabrication for BioProcess Applications

Our specialists commonly work with bioprocessing companies, CMO’s, CRO’s, and related OEM’s to provide custom and off-the-shelf solutions with an emphasis on safety, quality, and optimization.

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With generations of experience specifying and commissioning equipment for bioprocessing facilities, the Acuity team is ready to assist at any phase of your project. Contact us today for a free application assessment and to learn more about our fabrication capabilities.

AccuCart™ Weighing Solutions

Our off-the-shelf and custom weighing carts are designed with state-of-the-art Eilersen load cells and fit common totes from suppliers such as AllPaq, Sartorius, PALL, and Meissner. Enhance safety, optimize your space, and improve product quality with Acuity’s mobile-weighing solutions.

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Bag Carts & Totes

Acuity offers bag totes in both Stainless Steel and Polypropylene (Natural or Pigmented) in multiple standard configurations and custom configurations (if needed). Designs can include integrated bag lifts, supports, level measurement via pressure (via load cells), tubing management, unique footprints, designs to accommodate height restrictions, etc. – Almost anything is possible!

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Deployment Carts

From standard off-the-shelf carts to sophisticated filter-integrity testing or mobile weighing systems, we’ve supplied them. We routinely produce solutions to help manage equipment changeovers; mobile carts for standard peristaltic pumps; or even complete solutions integrating the Quantum multi-channel pump. If you show us the challenge, we will offer innovative ways to solve it.

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Mobile Workstations

Acuity knows that set-up-time is a major component of every process. Also, operators should have the right tools and materials organized into an ergonomic workstation to enhance efficiency and adherence to lean-manufacturing (5S) principles. The Acuity team listens closely their customers to gain an understanding of each step of a process and provide tailored solutions. Click here to learn more about our mobile workstations.

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Wave BioReactor Tables

We design hygienic reactor tables using strong, stainless-steel tabletops along with space and cubbies to fit all necessary support equipment. We even offer models that integrate gas service piping and electrical supply inside of the table to avoid clutter on the table surface. Think of the possibilities!

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Suite Appointments

Acuity offers off-the-shelf and custom designs that can improve safety, enhance ergonomics, and increase workflow efficiency. Just a few of our solutions include: PPE storage systems, pump stands, tubing management systems, funnels, filter hangers, and more…

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Storage Solutions

Acuity is recognized as a Metro Gold Seal dealer, meaning we have access to the immense Metro product offering. Our specialists typically visit a pharmaceutical or bioprocessing facility, often with the local factory personnel, to look at the space and help select options to maximize it. Sometimes our solutions even include a combination of catalog components integrated with custom accessories.

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