The Future of Manufacturing is Custom Fabrications

Acuity Process Solutions has years of experience that can work for you when creating a specialized solution. Our commitment to communication, creative problem-solving, and collaboration with a deep supplier base allow us to offer unique off-the-shelf solutions the customer may be unaware of as well as provide creative custom-equipment specifically tailored for their process.
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Our custom solutions can match companies’ needs and help them maximize valuable resources:


Real estate costs for labs are very expensive and can easily exceed $100 a square foot, especially in urban centers. If equipment can’t help companies access all of their lab space, including the vertical, then producers may have to consider expanding their facility.


Custom fabrications consider the unique process flow to ensure maximum time savings during the manufacturing process. Highly-trained lab staff is expensive, and when processes are needlessly time-consuming, this costs the company money not only in salaries but also in lost production time.

Staff safety and ergonomics

With staff being companies’ most valuable commodity, creating a safe environment is critical. Addressing ergonomics with lighter designs and operator exposure issues through equipment like ventilation hoods will help protect staff as well as reduce the chance of paying workers’ compensation.

Acuity is the Smart Choice for Custom Solutions

The sky is the limit with Acuity; we can build anything you want build. Whether the best solution is a standard product or custom design, we’ll work with you to get the right fit.

For more information on custom fabrications, including: understanding the problem and what’s possible; our depth and breadth of supplier base; and our creative problem-solving, please view our blog here. Or continue below to see some of our custom fabrication solutions.


Designing totes that work with you, not against you. Acuity offers bag totes in both Stainless Steel and Polypropylene (Natural or Pigmented) and we offer multiple standard configurations as well as custom solutions when they’re needed. Designs can include integrated bag lifts, supports, level measurement via pressure or load cells, tubing management, unique footprints, designs to accommodate height restrictions…almost anything is possible.

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As simple as a standard catalog-based cart to as sophisticated as a filter-integrity testing system, we’ve supplied them. We routinely design custom designs to help manage equipment changeovers, mobile carts for standard peristaltic pumps or even a complete solution integrating the Quantum multi-channel pump. You show us the challenge and we’ll offer innovative ways to solve it.

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Mobile Workstations

Acuity knows that set up time is a major component of every process. Having the right tools and materials organized into an ergonomic workstation increases your operators efficiency. The Acuity team listens to their customers to understand each step of a process to customize a design that works.

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Wave BioReactor Tables

We design reactor tables using strong, sterile stainless-steel tabletops along with dimensions and cubbies to fit all the support equipment you need. We even offer models that integrate gas service piping and electrical supply inside of the table to avoid clutter on the table surface. Think of the possibilities!

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Suite Appointments

Acuity process offers standard and custom designs that can improve safety, enhance ergonomics, and increase workflow efficiency. PPE Storage systems, Pump stands, Tubing Management Systems, Funnels, Filter hangers, and more.

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Storage Solutions

Acuity is recognized as a Metro Gold Seal Dealer, meaning we have access to the immense Metro product offering. We will come to your facility, often with the local factory personnel, to look at your space and help you select options to maximize it. Sometimes our solutions even include a combination of catalog components integrated with custom accessories.

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