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Instrumentation & Measurement

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Controlling processes begins with effective measurement and we are pleased to be partnered with both Wika Instruments and Alfa Laval to offer a range of industry-leading solutions. Wika has pioneered several unique, patented products that enhance measurement accuracy while maintaining product integrity. Alfa Laval is offering a patented Capacitive Load Cell system that enhances system stability, accuracy, and ease of calibration. Please contact Acuity to learn more.

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Instrumentation & Measurement Products

Weighing Systems
flush pressure gauge -wika - acuity process solutions
Flush Pressure Gauge
diaphragm monitoring system - wika - acuity process solutions
Diaphragm Monitoring System
pressure switch - wika - acuity process solutions
Pressure Switch
pressure gauges
Pharma Sanitary Pressure Gauges
Sanitary Bimetal Thermometers
tank level measurement
Sanitary RTD Assembly
Check-Set® Dry Block Probe Calibrators

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