One2Fill Bottle Filling System

Featured Supplier: SaniSure

The new One2Fill system is a game changer for bioprocess filling that enables the simultaneous filling of 10 media bottles accurately, quickly, and with just ONE vent filter!

Fill 10 Bottles at Once

The proprietary vent-hub system allows for the joining of ten bottles in series with a single input feed line and just one vent filter! This technology minimizes the substantial amount of time and other resources required to fill bottles one-by-one while also testing each vent filter. When compared to a typical bottle filling or sampling process for example, users can essentially fill 10 bottles with a similar number of steps as was previously required for just one bottle.

Only 1 Filter to Test

one-2-fill bottle filling system 150x150Many standard operating procedures for filling media-bottles require the testing of each individual vent filter. With the One2Fill, technicians no longer need to worry about overwhelming numbers of filters to be tested. In fact, with the One2Fill, users can potentially minimize the number of filters to be tested by 10x! SaniSure’s unique tray system also ensures easy handling, and proper placement and security for all bottles.

Featuring PharmaTainer Bottles

PharmaTainer bottles and carboys are known worldwide for their quality and reliability. With in-house quality testing, molding in an ISO-Class-5 cleanroom environment, and many more differentiating features, SaniSure produces the highest quality bioprocessing bottles and carboys in the world. Currently, the One2Fill is compatible with the following PharmaTainer sizes: 125mL, 250mL, 500mL, 1L, and 2L.

Common Applications

  • Drug-substance filling
  • Buffer preparation
  • Sampling
  • Up stream
  • Down stream
  • Much more

Features & Benefits

  • + or – 3% fill accuracy
  • ISO 11137 sterility program
  • USP 665, ISO 10993 extractables and biocompatibility protocols for tubing, caps, and bottles
  •  PharmaTainer bottles are rigorously particle tested
  • Sizes available from 125mL to 2L

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