Bag Cart & Tote Solutions (2D & 3D)

For BioPharma Applications

3d bag cart for biopharma

At Acuity Process Solutions, we understand the importance of providing robust bag management solutions that not only protect your bag assemblies, but also optimize your process and improve safety. Our innovative 2D & 3D bag totes and carts are available as pre-engineered and custom solutions and have many optional features such as weighing capabilities, tubing management, filter management, and much more.

Designed for BioProcessing

Our bag carts and totes are meticulously engineered to meet the unique needs of the bioprocessing industry and are commonly used in cleanroom environments. They are hygienic, efficient, and secure, making them the ideal choice for transferring and storing bioprocess bags. They offer a sturdy, durable structure that can withstand heavy loads and repeated environmental stresses with minimal maintenance requirements. Acuity provides both pre-engineered and custom designs based on your unique needs, and we use a variety of proven materials to maximize performance and robustness.

Many Options Available

With extensive experience, resources and capabilities, Acuity can deliver some of the most advanced bag management solutions in the industry. We commonly incorporate additional features and functionality into our carts and totes which can improve your process. Some optional features include:

  • Load cells & weighing systems (e.g. Acuity’s AccuCart)
  • Tubing and filter management (e.g. Acuity’s T-LOC system)
  • Wireless/Battery backup
  • Pump-deployment systems
  • Mixing systems
  • Pressure and temperature sensing
  • Integration with a wide range of control systems

Ideal for Liquid Level Measurement

accucart tote weighing cartHave you experienced issues in terms of accuracy or safety when measuring the liquid level in a single-use bag? Many operators have reported having safety issues as a result of pushing a heavy cart on to a fixed floor scale or from overfilling a bag. Furthermore, several technologies typically used for measuring the level in single-use bags are not ideal and have significant drawbacks when compared to using a cart with digital-capacitive load cells (like Acuity’s AccuCart). Now you can rest assured that your liquid inventory will remain accurate over time withOUT the need for regular recalibration! Click here to learn more about liquid-level-measurement in single-use bags.

Not Just Carts & Totes

buffer bag toteOur expertise in terms of single-use bag solutions extends far beyond carts and totes. Designing and commissioning the 2000L square holding tank (pictured) is just one example of how our team works with customers to solve some of their biggest processing challenges. Acuity also offers bag assemblies for use with our bag carts and totes as well as various other single use solutions within a comprehensive range of bioprocessing products. Whether you are building a new manufacturing suite or retrofitting and existing one, Acuity has the experience needed to maximize your results. We are here to help at every step from the concept phase to full scale commercial production. Contact us today to simplify your process with turnkey bag systems from Acuity Process Solutions.

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