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Sanitary heat exchangers from Exergy are ultra-reliable and efficient solutions for critical heating and cooling applications. Acuity is proud to recommend Exergy’s hygienic product line including Shell & Tube, Tube-in-Tube, and Point-of-Use (POU) heat exchangers.

About Exergy

Founded in 1979, Exergy has become a leading provider of heat-transfer equipment and solutions for bioprocessing and other life sciences applications. Their heat exchangers are suitable for a wide range of applications and can handle extreme process conditions with ease. Also, utilizing proprietary software, the engineers at Exergy are able to design optimal solutions with unmatched assurance that the final product will meet and exceed expectations.

Sanitary Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

shell and tube heat exchanger Easy to install, maintain and customize, shell-and-tube heat exchangers are an effective solution for the widest range of heat-transfer processes. Each unit is designed to meet the quality and hygienic standards for drug and vaccine production, is compliant with ASME BPE standards, and has a maximum surface finish of 20µin Ra for product contact surfaces.

Sanitary Tube-in-Tube Heat Exchangers

Point Of Use Heat Exchanger - PUREXExergy’s tube-in-tube heat exchangers are the ideal choice for life sciences companies seeking a simple and reliable tubular heat exchanger for high temperature, high pressure, and low flow applications. Thanks to their robust and uncomplex (ASME BPE compliant) design, these units can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh process conditions in a safe and precise manner. The single fluid channel also allows for reduced risk of contamination or fluid loss.

Achieve Maximum Efficiency With the PUREX Point-of-Use System

point of use heat exchanger - purexPUREX is a heat exchanger system designed to dispense instant, temperature-controlled water-for-injection (WFI) or purified water (PW) at the point of use (POU).   Each unit is CIP and SIP stable, fully drainable, and easy to install, operate and maintain. The product is ASME BPE compliant and features a double-tube-sheet heat-exchange system to eliminate the risk of cross contamination. With its user-friendly design and advanced safety features, the PUREX system is an ideal solution for dispensing WFI or PW in pharma/biopharma manufacturing facilities.

Example Applications for Exergy Heat Exchangers

  • Shell & Tube
    • Point of use cooling or heating
    • Water for Injection (WFI)
    • Clean steam condensing and sub-cooling
    • Temperature control of high purity product
    • Sampling
  • Tube-in-Tube
    • High temperature, high pressure, low flow applications
    • Multi-phase fluids & slurries
    • Steam condensing
    • Liquid/Gas
    • Sampling
    • Water for Injection (WFI)
    • Cool WFI/PW from 80-85°C to 20-40°C
    • Water For Injection (WFI) systems
    • Purified Water (PW) systems
    • Point-of-use cooling

No matter what phase of a project you are in, Acuity is here to help. We commonly work with customers to assist with process development, material selection, space optimization solutions, etc. and provide full quality, regulatory, and product validation support. Contact us today for a free application assessment.

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