PVDF Coated Magnetic Stir Bars

Featured Supplier: SaniSure

SaniSure’s gamma-stable PVDF-coated stir bars are a preferred choice for mixing in open and closed bioprocess containers such as media bottles, carboys, flasks, bags, etc. and are compatible with gamma-irradiation and autoclave sterility cycles.

Many Sizes and Options Available

PVDF coated stir bars are available individually or bulk pre-sterilized, in a sterile or non-sterile assembly, or non-irradiated for later gamma irradiation or autoclaving in house.

Many length and thickness options are available to fit with a variety of containers and a wide range of bioprocess-mixing applications. Whether you are designing a new bioprocess or re-engineering an existing one, Acuity can help – contact us today for a free application assessment and to learn more about PVDF coated stir bars.

Common Applications

  • Mixing in closed single-use container systems
  • Buffer preparations
  • Purification Processes
  • Bioreactors
  • Cell engineering
  • Much more

Features & Benefits

  • USP Class VI
  • Gamma irradiation and autoclave stable
  • Chemically resistant PVDF coating
  • Available individually, in bulk, or in assemblies
  • Compatible with standard magnetic stir plates
  • Gentler on cells than alternative mixing equipment

Need to Scale Up From a Stir Bar?

Are you having trouble scaling up a stir-bar mixing process to between 5-50L? Or, are you experiencing inconsistencies mixing with a stir bar or an alternate system? If so, we can help to engineer a single-use bottle or carboy mixing system tailored to your needs: Learn about Mixed4Sure.

State-of-the-Art Mixing for 5-50L Batches. Learn More
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