When the Going Gets Tough, Can Your Supplier Deliver Your Single-Use Tube Sets on Time?

The switch to single use products over the last decade has improved safety and made the manufacturing processes more efficient and reliable, but it has also brought new risks and challenges:

  •   In the supply chain – what happens if your approved vendor has logistic or manufacturing delays?
  •   How will you safely store and mount the inventory?

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Simplified

Through proactive planning, we will analyze the risks with your current single use vendors:

  •   Are they based inside the U.S.?
  •   Are they supplied by anyone outside the U.S.?
  •   How quickly can they scale up production to meet demand?

We then develop a plan to mitigate this risk which may include adding additional vendors to your approved list.

We’ve partnered with the largest U.S. based producer of sanitary single use hoses, TBL Plastics. Located in Sparta, NJ, TBL has the capability to scale up manufacturing to meet virtually any order size at time frames significantly less than smaller, Boston local providers. They do not rely on any supplies outside the U.S. to further mitigate supply chain risks.

Read more about TBL

T-Lok – Sanitary Tubing Management Simplified

Do you suffer from Spaghetti-hose syndrome? Concerned about the impact on lab safety?

The T-LOC Tubing Management System combines a Mounting Bracket with a Flexible Tubing Hanger system that is Strong and Flexible allowing the operator to install and remove Single Use Tubing assemblies in minutes.

Learn more about T-Lok

Custom Storage Solutions Simplified

Having difficulty finding room for all the new tubing inventory required for a single use strategy? Acuity Process has designed fabrications to provide a worker-safe storage system, custom fit for your application.

Learn more about custom fabrications

We’ve strategically partnered with TBL Performance Plastics, the leading manufacturer of single-use tubing, tube sets, fittings, and other essential components to ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it.

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