AccuCart™ Weighing Solutions

Featuring Digital-Capacitive Load Cells

Fill Your Tote to the Top.   Bump it into a wall.   Roll it over a threshold.   Never worry about a deviation again!

Weighing bioprocessing totes is not easy.  Traditional floor scales can be cumbersome, hard to clean, and introduce significant ergonomic and safety challenges, particularly when dealing with today’s larger totes.    Conventional weighing carts that utilize strain-gauge load cells require lockout systems to protect the load cell during movement.  Failure to properly protect the load cell can result in costly deviations or frequent recalibration.

Imagine a solution to these problems.  Acuity is proud to announce the development of our AccuCart™ Weighing Carts built around the incredibly robust patented Eilersen Digital-Capacitive Load cell.  AccuCart solutions are a breeze to move, do not require lockout or re­calibration during transport, and are engineered to be compatible with common tote sizes from suppliers such as ALLpaQ®, Sartorius®, Pall®, Meissner® and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Move with no lockout or recalibration
  • State-of-the-art Eilersen digital load cells
  • Safer alternative to fixed scales
  • Enable a multi-process suite layout
  • A complete/ turnkey scale system for tote weighing
  • Digital readout at point of use
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and safety issues while moving heavy totes
  • Standardized to fit common totes
  • Retrofit kits available


Designed to be used in a cleanroom environment, AccuCart is an ideal solution for weighing and transporting bioprocessing containers. Custom sizes and materials are also available to fit a range of specialized applications, please contact us for details.

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