Simplified Sanitary Tubing Management

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A Safe, Reliable, and Simple Tubing Management System

T-LOC is a proprietary tubing management system designed to organize and protect critical fluid paths for bioprocessing and other critical process applications utilizing flexible tubing.  The T-Loc system combines a mounting bracket with a flexible-tubing hanger system that enables operators to install and remove single-use tubing assemblies in a repeatable and validatable way.

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Extensive Options for Building Your T-LOC System

T-LOC Sheet & T-LOC Hangers

T-PAN is a panel of configurable receptacles to support single and multiple tubing / hose runs in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal planes. The sheet is structurally sound to be integrated into nearly any design such as Totes, Deployment / Pump Carts, Filter hangers, Filter carts, hose racks and more.

T-CLIP hangers can accommodate any O.D. Tubing or Hose (metric or imperial). They are interchangeable with a 90-degree twist so the operator can switch tubing sizes in minutes to accommodate flexible manufacturing environments.

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T-BLOC mounting brackets are designed to be installed on standard GMP structures – e.g. square tubing / pipe, round tubing / pipe, walls, floors, bench tops, etc., and will not mark existing polished surfaces. T-BLOC brackets can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a structure for maximum versatility.

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Virtually Unlimited Sizes & Configurations

With highly scalable designs and manufacturing methods, we are able to produce virtually any size and produce vertically or horizontally mounted plates to fit your unique requirements and spatial constraints.

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Endless Mounting Options

No matter how complex your process layout might be, we have a solution to mount your T-LOC! With a variety of standard mounting options, T-LOC can run along benches, walls, floors, round pipes, square pipes, and much more. For non-standard mounting, we also offer custom welded options.

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Proprietary Configurator

Acuity utilizes proprietary software to simplify the design of and specify a part number for your T-LOC system. Contact Us to learn more.


Once your T-LOC Hanger is locked into place, it provides 360 degree structural support for handling pulsation and vibration.

Materials of Construction

T-LOC materials are GMP certified to withstand stringent wash-down protocols

One Tool Necessary

One Allen wrench for all sizes so operators can easily adjust or move hangers as needed.

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