Sanitary Tubing Management Simplified.

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T-LOC Benefits

On-Line Configurator

Our on-line configurator will guide you through the selection process to generate a unique part number per application.


Once your T-LOC Hanger is locked into the T-LOC Receptacle it provides 360 degree structural support handling pulsation and vibration.

Materials of Construction

are GMP certified to withstand stringent washdown protocols

1 Tool Necessary

1 Allen wrench for all sizes so operators can easily adjust or move hangers as needed.

T-LOC Tubing Management System

The T-LOC Tubing Management System combines a Mounting Bracket with a Flexible Tubing Hanger system that is Strong and Flexible allowing the operator to install and remove Single Use Tubing assemblies in a repeatable and validate able way.

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T-BLOC & T-LOC Sheet

T-BLOC mounting brackets are designed to be installed on standard GMP structures – Square Tubing, Round Tubing / Pipe, Walls, Floors, or Bench Tops, T-BLOC mounting brackets will not mark existing polished surfaces. 


T-LOC Sheet is a configurable matrix of receptacles to support single and multiple tubing / hose runs in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal planes. The T-LOC sheet is structurally sound to be integrated into nearly any design such as Totes, Deployment / Pump Carts, Filter hangers, Filter carts, hose racks and more.

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T-LOC Hangers

T-LOC Hangers can accommodate any O.D. Tubing or Hose. (metric or Imperial) They are interchangeable with a 90-degree twist so the operator can switch tubing sizes in minutes to accommodate flexible manufacturing environments.

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T-LOC Configurator