Single-Use Assemblies

Featured Supplier: SaniSure

single use assemblyThe single-use applications specialists at Acuity commonly work with bioprocessing companies, CMO’s, and CRO’s to design new processes and improve existing ones using single-use technology. Acuity proudly partners with SaniSure to provide our customers with the finest single-use assemblies in the world.

With an extensive database of custom and proprietary designs, industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise, Acuity helps customers meet the most demanding performance and regulatory needs within the pharma and bioprocessing markets. If you would like to transition from stainless-steel installations and costly validation procedures to more economical, single-use solutions, please contact us today.

Turnkey Single-Use Assemblies to Fit Your Process

  • Bag Assemblies
  • Transfer Sets
  • Bioreactor Kits
  • Filtration Assemblies
  • Filling Assemblies
  • Media/ Cell-Culture Bottle Assemblies
  • Carboy Mixing Assemblies
  • WFI Sampling Kits

Why Choose SaniSure Single-Use Assemblies?

  • Industry-leading quality and regulatory support
  • ISO 11137 sterility program
  • Vertically-integrated component manufacturing
  • Redundant manufacturing locations in USA & Europe
  • In-house manufacturing of bottles, tubing, fittings, clamps, filling needles, and much more.
  • Extensive extractables & validation information provided

TBL Performance Plastics is Now Part of SaniSure

For many years, we have worked with TBL Performance Plastics to provide customers with single-use bioprocessing products such as assemblies, tubing, fittings, clamps and more. Now that TBL is part of SaniSure, our clients benefit from enhanced economies of scope and scale, expanded product offerings, added assurance of supply, redundant manufacturing, vertical integration, an industry-leading quality program and much more.

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