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About Eilersen Load Cells

Eilersen Electric A/S, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has experienced significant growth in recent years due to expanding demand for its load cells and weighing systems. These systems are based on the capacitive technology the company’s founder developed 40 years ago.

As the only company in the world to fully master the technology for capacitive weighing, the weighing experts at Eilersen continue to work tirelessly to deepen their expertise and expand the company. With about 15% of revenue invested yearly in product development, the company has consistently introduced new products, enabling it to debut several new load cells and two new global patents in just the past year.

With sales increasing by the double digits, Eilersen has moved to a new head office and expanded its production area almost 500% to accommodate the future growth the company’s focus on technological developments is expected to generate.

Pioneering the capacitive measurement principle

Eilersen’s capacitive weighing technology, which was originally patented in 1979, centers on the use of an accurate and stable ceramic sensor that does not directly contact the load cell housing. This allows the load cell to withstand adverse external factors such as shock and high overloads. By using the capacitive principle, a weighing unit measures a change in capacity at the ceramic sensor in the load cell as a load is applied. The company’s patents and understanding of the capacitive measuring principle have enabled it to establish the dominant market position it has today.

Eilersen Load Cells

The Digital Load-Cell Evolution

Eilersen was also ahead of the crowd in its move to digital in the 1990s. From the midpoint of that decade, the company’s load cells, previously analog, became digital. Since then, the company has devoted considerable effort to improving software, controllers and processors. Today, each cell has its own built-in intelligence and the company’s entire portfolio of products is Industry 4.0 ready.

Weighing 0.1 Grams to 500 Tons

With 15 different digital load cells performing weighing tasks ranging from 1/10 of a gram to as much as 500 tons per load cell, Eilersen’s portfolio offers comprehensive weighing capabilities, from the control of enzyme dosage to those where weighing silos by the ton is necessary.

Eilersen’s digital load cell cells are known for their robustness, reliability, and accuracy. They are constructed with stainless steel and hermetically sealed using laser welding IP68. They have the strength to be able to withstand overloads of as much as 10 times.

The following certified versions are optional:

  • OIML
  • ATEX
  • IECE

Eilersen offers a complete measuring chain, including load cells, instrumentation, and software.

The company’s new manufacturing facility in Kokkedal, north of Copenhagen, will allow in-house production upgrading. Eilersen assembles, tests, calibrates, and welds all load cells at facilities it controls. The company has gained market share in the food and pharmaceutical industries in recent years with its portfolio of hygienic load cells particularly designed for those industries.

Eilersen & Acuity Partnership

As Eilersen’s exclusive North America business partner for the Life Sciences industry, Acuity Process Solutions brings Eilersen’s cutting edge technology to its clients throughout the region. With its focus on Big Problems, Simplified, Acuity is well positioned to help its clients implement Eilersen’s innovative products in even the most demanding use cases.

Acuity works closely with Eilersen to ensure that our representatives are up-to-date on all the latest Eilersen product developments and can help each client with their unique installation and production needs. This includes collaborating closely with Eilersen with regard to any client requests on a case-by-case basis.

Servicing leading companies in over 90 countries worldwide, Eilersen has long been recognized by its loyal customers for their continuous investment in technology, development, quality, and customer support. The combination of Eilersen’s best in-class products and Acuity’s hands-on, problem solving approach provides Acuity’s clients with a high level of support on every Eilersen product they purchase.

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