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To comply with today’s demanding ASME BPE standards Fluid Line Technology has developed a diaphragm valve that meets the most challenging specifications. Their goal has been to set new ground to manufacture a true drainable, cleanable, and sterilizable product. An extensive, multi-year engineering program has developed a state-of-the-art line of Acquaseal diaphragm valves that extend diaphragm life, reduce maintenance time and cost of ownership.

With innovation and the use of exciting new technologies the Acquaseal line of product provides the highest level of performance as compared to the old age diaphragm valve technology currently in use in the Bio-Process and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries.

The Acquaseal diaphragm valve fully complies with the ASME-BPE 2012 standards.

In addition to traditional EPDM, Viton, and TFM diaphragms, Fluid Line Technologies is the only manufacturer that offers Kaltraz.

Kaltraz is a unique fluoroelastomer formula based on altering tetrafluoroethelene and propylene. In small words it is modified Teflon that has been modified to take the properties of a soft rubber like compound rather than being stiff like plastic. The formulated compound is categorized under ASTM D1418 as FEPM.

All of our diaphragm material types have been qualified by third party testing laboratories to comply to USP Class VI.

The Acquaseal Product Range

Fluid Line Technology makes available to our clients a complete selection of flow path arrangements, starting with the most basic of styles: Two Way Valves, Two-way valve configurations such as GMP and Sterile Access Assemblies. Fluid Line Technology provides a full range of Block Bodies such as: Zero Static ” T ” configurations and Zero Static Points of Use Valves. Multiple Divert Valve Style valves are available in a variety of port sizes and orientations. All Fluid Line Acquaseal Diaphragm valves are available in horizontal and/or vertical orientations that are fully drainable. Fluid Line Technology provides the complete product range with manual and pneumatic actuated bonnets. All the valve bodies are produced in 316L SS as a standard. Bodies are also available in exotic materials (Hastelloy C-22, AL6XN etc.) for the more corrosive applications. The complete product range is offered in Tri Clamp end connections, as well as Orbital Weld end connections. Compression Ends as well as VCO Ends (Face seal end connections) are available upon special request.

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