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Acuity Process Solutions is proud to introduce Fluidline Technology’s new line of vent valves.

Our Vent valves are available in two family groups: In-line Vent Valve & Angle Vent Valve. Two of the most common uses of this type of valve are to evacuate the air mass from inside a filter housing as it is being filled, or to drain a filter housing after use.

These small valves have an inlet orifice size of .104″ diameter and can be configured with a variety of sanitary clamp inlet connections depending on the installation.
They are available in both concentric and eccentric orientations. The Vent Valves are manufactured from 316L stainless steel and can be special ordered in several corrosive resistant alloys such as C-22, C-276 and AL6XN. There are different USP CLASS VI elastomeric stem seals available, depending on the valves intended use. They can also be supplied in a number of different surface finishes to suit any application.

Some of the features on the Vent Valves manufactured by Fluid Line Technology include: absolute minimal dead leg. non-rotating stem (for extended seal life), handle locking screws (assures that handle will not come loose from valve body for safety), and fully autoclavable (valve can be sterilized assembled). These help provide our customers with the longest service life between preventative maintenance cycles.

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