Enerquip Announces Acuity Process As Their Authorized New England Sanitary Distributor

Partnering with Enerquip: Even More Efficient Service

Time is the Most Important Resource

Acuity process realizes that time is the most important resource to those facing life-threatening or debilitating diseases. They can’t wait for the new drugs and treatments you are developing to reduce their symptoms, cure their disease or improve the quality of their life. New technologies, new materials, new methods, and new data create opportunities for time and resource savings, as well as efficiency gains, leading to better processes and outcomes.
Understanding the opportunities specific to your application requires a tremendous amount of time for analysis and learning. Will the new material work within the temperature variations of my process? What are the potential contaminants? What is it’s useful life?

We have the knowledge of the mechanics of each product, you have the specifics of your application. Connecting this knowledge will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your treatment to market which will save and improve the lives of your patients.

Waiting is not an option for your patients so it’s not an option for us, that’s why we decided partnered with Enerquip as their authorized New England sanitary dealer.

Enerquip Announces Acuity Process As Their Authorized New England Sanitary Distributor

Cost-Effective, Efficient Solutions

Heat transfer is a major component in any sanitary process and in today’s fast paced world, waiting is not an option. Whether it may be utility heating of a vessel jacket or even a tubular heat exchanger for tight control of a biologic process, Acuity has the variety to suit almost any application. Our diverse team of experts utilizes industry leading vendors like Enerquip to not only make sure we work with our clients to completely understand the situation, but that we select a cost-effective, efficient solution as well.

Acuity Process is pleased to announce the addition of the Enerquip Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers to enhance their offering of Heat Transfer equipment.

In addition to the Alfa Laval line of Plate & Frame heat exchangers, Acuity Process Solution experts can specify the complete line of Enerquip Shell & Tube heat exchangers from Sanitary to Custom Pharma Grade, Chemical and Industrial exchangers, as well as Off-The-Shelf inventory.

What Makes Enerquip’s Sanitary Shell and Tube Exchangers Fit the Script:

100% 304 stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance and cleanliness
Built to high quality TEMA C guidelines, ASME hydro-tested and code stamped

The perfect choice for heating or cooling low-fouling fluids

Sanitary tri-clamp connections on the process side allow for easy installation

U-tube design allows tubes to expand and contract freely to prevent damage

Removable/replaceable tube bundle and o-rings make replacement quick and easy

Wide selection of sizes from 4” diameter to 10” diameter in lengths up to 9’ long

Heat exchangers built to 3-A standard 12-07 are available as an upgrade

Enerquip Does it All

Enerquip has a solution for the most unusual requirements and can custom design a shell and tube heat exchanger that will meet your specific application, size, special alloy or configuration. Have any special requests? Enerquip will always find their customers a solution.

Innovative Designs, Efficient Manufacturing, and Outstanding Customer Service

Whether you are looking for a solution for a heating/cooling application, or have a need for unique stainless steel equipment, Enerquip has a reputation for innovative designs, efficient manufacturing, excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

For over 40 years Enerquip has been a top designer and fabricator of shell and tube heat exchangers. Enerquip’s resourceful team can provide you with sizing and design selection assistance. Your end result will be a high quality, sanitary heat exchanger with lead-times that are half of the industry average. Enerquips’s reputation for the highest quality and speedy delivery has earned them a preferred supplier status with leading companies in the sanitary markets as well as the industrial markets they serve. To find out more you can visit their website HERE

In-house Design

Enerquip has a team of thermal design engineers that use state-of-the-art HTRI sizing software, compress code software, an extensive library of past designs, a large database of product properties, along with years of practical experience. This gives you the confidence that your exchanger is designed to meet the specific process flow conditions, temperature rise requirements, desired thermal efficiency and sizing footprint.

By keeping their design in-house it allows for much easier communication and access to information if you have any questions/concerns regarding your product. Not only is having an in house team convenient, it also helps Acuity Process be even more efficient, delivering our customers the solutions they need.

In-house Machining Center

While most exchanger manufacturers outsource their tubesheets, baffles and flanges to machine shops, Enerquip can produce these in-house, saving valuable time and ensuring better control of quality. Think about the time this saves!

Impressive Supplier Network

Ennerquip’s buying power and relationships with key suppliers ensure the best lead-times possible on their stainless and higher alloy materials. They also stock most common fittings and flanges so we can start sub-assemblies faster, while waiting for longer lead-time materials to arrive.

Enerquip – When Schedule Counts

From the initial quote discussions to the fabrication of your equipment, Enerquip is a wonderful company to work with. Their solid mid-western work ethic drives them to always exceed their customer’s expectations without ever sacrificing quality craftsmanship, something that resonates deep with us at Acuity.
If you need anything from heating a vessel jacket, to a tubular heat exchanger for tight control of a biologic process, or whatever it may be, contact one of the Acuity Process experts at customerservice@acuityprocess.com or call at (508) 809-5099.