T-LOC Bridging the Tubing Management Gap

T-LOC is a tubing management system that is easy to install and adjust. From a mechanical standpoint, T-LOC features a combination of GMP materials, a bracket, a configurable panel, and interchangeable fasteners.

The T-LOC system combines a mounting bracket with a flexible tubing hanger system that is both strong and easy to adjust, enabling users to install and remove single use tubing assemblies in a repeatable and manageable way. T-BLOC mounting brackets are designed to be installed on standard GMP structures such as square tubing, round tubing/pipe, walls, floors, or bench tops. T-BLOC mounting brackets will not mark existing polished surfaces.

The T-LOC Sheet is a configurable matrix of receptacles designed to support single and multiple tubing/hose runs in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal planes. The sheet is structurally sound, so it can be integrated into just about any design such as totes, deployment/pump carts, filter hangers, filter carts, hose racks, and more.

T-LOC hangers can accommodate any O.D. tubing or hose (metric or imperial). The hangers are interchangeable and feature a 90-degree twist, enabling the operator to switch tubing sizes in minutes to accommodate flexible manufacturing environments.

The T-LOC system offers strong support. Once the T-LOC Hanger is locked into the T-LOC Receptacle, it provides 360-degree structural support to handle pulsation and vibration. T-LOC construction materials are GMP certified to withstand stringent washdown protocols. The system is also easy to work with, requiring only a single tool – an Allen wrench to adjust or move hangers as needed.

Benefits of the T-LOC System

T-LOC changes end users’ approach to flexible manufacturing. Traditionally, some types of stainless steel hangers that accommodate welding and polishing are used, which calls for reviewing bids, scheduling work orders, hot work permits, and downtime for manufacturing suites.

Beyond this, such an approach results in a hard-piped permanent hanger installation with very little, if any, ability to accommodate design changes. This can exacerbate the problem, as the hangers must be installed before commercial engineering runs — which is when hoses and tubing management designs need to be tested and revised.

Facilities using flexible manufacturing require multiple setups and often produce rapidly changing process flows that result in a variety of sizes of tubing and flow paths. T-LOC bridges the gap between fixed and flexible systems by allowing operators to rapidly install, move, or adjust hangers and clips in accordance with their current process flow.

Due to the structural integrity of its panels, T-LOC fabrication options include a wide variety of repeatable solutions to deliver a consistent way of fastening flexible tubing across your GMP suites. This flexibility makes T-LOC an ideal solution for any flexible GMP facility.

Acuity Process Solutions’ Comprehensive Services

The Acuity Process Solutions team offers comprehensive T-LOC system integration services. Starting from project specifications, an Acuity specialist can consult with you to determine your specific requirements and suggest equipment solutions that integrate with the T-LOC system.

We perform a site audit to provide a budgetary cost estimate for the project, followed by an initial install/site training to demonstrate how simple the system is to operate. As the project transitions from setup to operation, with the Site Manufacturing Team replacing the Capital Project Team, Acuity’s specialist continues to provide site support to optimize tubing management repeatability.

The final step is to establish a creative spares inventory to enable operators to continue to improve their processes.

Enhance Applications with the Configurator

Acuity offers an online configurator to guide you through the selection process. The application generates a unique part number for each application.

Creative Standard and Custom Fabrications

The T-LOC system offers the following standard and custom fabrications:

  • bridging the gap between equipment;
  • wall applications without penetrating your newly installed GMP walls;
  • filter hanging and support;
  • hose hanging and support;
  • filter carts;
  • filter stands;
  • creative hose transfer carts and storage;
  • wall benches;
  • floor stands;
  • floor tracks; and
  • overhead applications.

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