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Mobile workstations that improve employee workflow

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Acuity knows that set up time is a major component of every process. Having the right tools and materials organized into an ergonomic workstation increases your operators efficiency.

The Acuity team listens to their customers to understand each step of a process to customize a design that works. Each workstation incorporates all of the components into an optimal footprint.

Ergonomics and visual inventory are considered to enhance the operator’s experience and ultimately improve workflow

Do you have a need for a custom mobile workstation or deployment cart to improve your process? We can assemble everything from Pump Carts, Filter Integrity Carts, Mobile Mix Stations, Analytical Carts, and Visual Inventory Carts to facilitate ‘close-at-hand’ GMP Storage.

Mobile workstations come in different shapes and sizes. Acuity can design them all to enhance your process.

These are just some of the successful mobile workstation designs Acuity has built.

Pump carts

Filter integrity carts

Analysis stations

Acuity's finishings touches make the difference.

Put Acuity’s experience and sanitary process to work for you.
Features of Acuity’s workstations include:

  • Chemical and temperature resistant construction materials
  • Swivel or fixed wheel options with optional locking SS caster and non-marking wheels.
  • Compliant with sanitary washdown protocols
  • Expertly and smoothly fabricated for easy cleanability.

Refining your mobile workstation

Acuity knows that mobile workstation design should be put in the forefront, not the corner. Our organization will work with you to design a workstation that fits cleanly into

your manufacturing process and gives you the benefits of maximizing your efficiency and improving your overall working environment.

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