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Acuity’s creative minds help save time and money with custom solutions

With numerous and diverse lab products on the market, companies may be surprised that they are unable to find the right equipment to meet their needs. Often product design is too generic to accommodate specific, carefully designed processes. In situations when an off-the-shelf solution is inadequate, the best answer may be a custom solution. Our custom solutions can match companies’ needs and help them maximize valuable resources:

Space – Lab real estate is expensive, often easily exceeding $100 per square foot, especially in urban centers.  Where generic equipment doesn’t help make the most of every inch of lab space—including the vertical—producers may have to consider expanding their facility.

Time – Highly-trained lab staff are another steep expense, and when processes are needlessly time-consuming, this costs the company not only in salaries but also in lost production time.

Staff safety and ergonomics –  Staff is a company’s most valuable commodity, so creating a safe environment is critical. Addressing equipment ergonomics with lighter designs and operator exposure issues helps protect staff, as well as reduce the chance of paying workers’ compensation.

Understanding the problem and what’s possible

Acuity knows that finding the right solution means dedicated client-time. We commit our time and attention to hear each and every client, to better understand their unique situation. This entails identifying issues, constraints, previously attempted solutions, and what resources are available going forward.

Acuity works diligently to get to the root of the problem. This often turns out to be inefficiency in a process.  A client may find a piece of equipment is too heavy or bulky to move to another part of the lab, then may then look for a lighter product. Acuity’s in-depth look takes this further, opening up customizable options and offering bespoke solutions.

With years of experience, Acuity has an extensive mental library of solutions and ways forward: what has been tried before, what worked and didn’t work, and why. Acuity takes generalized solutions and works to fine-tune them to meet the needs of each client.

Depth and breadth of the supplier base

Key to understanding a problem and finding solutions is having the resources make those solutions a reality.  Over the years, Acuity has built a large network of suppliers and fabricators to match companies’ processes and create desired outcomes. This wide and diverse supplier base is why Acuity is able to offer its products at such competitive prices. By using fabricators from all over the county, Acuity is able to source the most cost-effective labor to fabricate quality products at lower cost, saving Acuity’s customers money.

While most of our competitors are limited to offering products in only one material, Acuity’s large supplier base allows us to locate equipment in stainless steel, high alloys, plastic, or any combination of the three. Through strategic use of this large network, Acuity combines talent across multiple trades to deliver a complete solution.

Creative Problem-Solving

By reaching a clear understanding of the problem then engaging our comprehensive supplier network, Acuity uses creative problem solving to develop innovative products and solutions for our clients.

  • One example of Acuity’s versatility are storage totes. These are offered in both stainless steel and polypropylene (natural or pigmented) and multiple standard configurations, as well as custom solutions when needed. In one instance Acuity custom designed a tote for a client seeking a more ergonomic device. The company had been using a one-door tote, weighing 51 pounds—far too heavy for many workers. That’s where we came in: by constructing the tote doors in two segments, Acuity was able to reduce the weight to 36 pounds. Acuity further specialized these totes, building them into a custom-fit space.


  • Another client was beleaguered by a problematic stainless-steel tank. This tank had to be cleaned every other day in a physically demanding process that included removing a heavy lid with an attached spray wand. Taking the spray wand out of the tank took up even more time: the wand was delicate and couldn’t be placed just anywhere due to damage risk. In response, Acuity created a cart to hold the spray wand safely, with the lid fitting neatly on top. The equipment saved the company a solid half an hour each cleaning, and overall processing speeds greatly increased.


  • If equipment is too large or bulky, companies may feel that they have to move to a bigger space for their operations. However, Acuity knows that optimizing vertical space through customized equipment can prevent unnecessary moves and maximizes space for all operations. And, of course, we’ve created mechanisms to retrieve items from high-up cabinets.>


  • Acuity also designs WAVE bioreactor tables. These utilize a strong, sterile stainless-steel table along with dimensions and cubbies to fit all the support equipment customers need.  Acuity even offers models that integrate gas service piping and electrical supply inside the table to avoid surface clutter.

Acuity is the Smart Choice for Custom Solutions

Acuity solutions has years of experience that can work for you toward creating a specialized solution.  Our commitment to communication, creative problem-solving, and collaboration with a deep supplier base allow us to offer unique off-the-shelf solutions, as well as provide creative custom-equipment specifically process tailored.

The sky is the limit with Acuity: we can build anything you need. Whether the best solution is a standard product or custom design, we’ll work with you to get the right fit.

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