Fast, Flexible, and Clean: Optimize Tubing Management Systems with Acuity Process Solutions

When it comes to process design, a key feature that is often overlooked is detailing tubing management. And, it’s understandable when shiny workhorse equipment like mixers and tanks hog the spotlight. But when manufacturers stop to think about it, tubing management has the power to make or break the production process.

All too often, an operator may find themselves struggling with an already-cramped workspace that is further complicated by flexible tube assemblies that have no inherent rigidity or support. The tubeset may have components such as flowmeters or filters that require optimal orientation or support. They are not alone. As single-use equipment has proliferated, these problems are becoming more pronounced.

Improper tubing management can result in:

  • Residual product loss in the tube lines as a sagging tube can trap product, often leaving valuable product out of reach;
  • a cluttered workspace: substandard tubing management can create a poor ergonomic workspace. If it is laying on the floor, it can also be an impediment to moving mobile equipment easily around the manufacturing suite
  • premature tubing failure: if the tubing is kinked or not supported properly, a tubing set can malfunction, affecting flow rates and/or causing disruption in the manufacturing process;
  • a hazardous work area: poor tubing management can cause tripping hazards, and, in the case of tubing rupture, product may get on the floor causing a slip hazard or undue product exposure

And, if the wrong tubing management system is selected, it can create a lack of flexibility to accommodate system evolution.

Stress Free Tubing Management Systems

No doubt about it, no manufacturer wants to deal with these costly consequences. And, while limited options in the market may lead manufacturers to think there is no solution, Acuity Process Solutions is pleased to offer their proprietary T-Loc. Working alongside our clients, the Acuity team has designed a tubing management system to enhance manufacturers’ production processes, augment the performance of their tube sets, address ergonomic concerns, and reduce and/or eliminate any product risk or hazard exposure.

Keeping a client’s specific needs in mind, the team at Acuity Process Solutions has designed a system that is:

  • Elegant and easily integrated into other pieces of equipment in the suite. For example, a tubing system should blend seamlessly with mobile carts and filter integrity testers.
  • Easy to clean. The system must be constructed of materials that are GMP-compliant, smooth, and minimize crevices.
  • Strong. The system must be robust enough to stay firmly in place even while supporting potentially heavy loads. It must also be able to handle the occasional bump from mobile carts and totes that may have substantial mass.
  • Flexible to accommodate system change. Even when manufacturers take everything into account when creating a tubing system design, change to the suite or production system is inevitable. Tubing systems should be designed so that they can easily adapt to changes and system evolutions. Easily removed, relocated, and installed on common suite structures is a cornerstone of the T-Loc system.

Are you ready for an enhanced tubing management system? Contact us today to know more.

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