Acuity Process Solutions Partners with Eilersen, Creator of the Revolutionary Digital Capacitive Weighing System

This new partnership agreement positions Acuity as the North American distributor for the Digital Capacitive Load Cells which Eilersen invented, pioneered, and continues to innovate. Previously supplying sought-after Eilersen weighing systems through a private label arrangement under the Alfa Laval brand, Acuity Process Solutions is excited to now work directly with Eilersen.

The partnership creates a more efficient information flow and exponentially increases direct accessibility to the one-of-a-kind technology designed and manufactured by the Denmark-based Eilersen. This directly benefits Acuity’s customers by creating avenues for problem-solving discussions and opening doors for custom applications.

The partnership between Acuity and Eilersen offers significant benefits in both technology and service to our mutual customers.

  • Non-Conformance and Recalibration: The Capacitive Weighing System pioneered by Eilersen is a unique technology that offers significant benefit over conventional strain gauge weighing systems, particularly in applications that experience overload or shock forces. For example, the forces that result from the process of moving and weighing heavy mobile totes can be a nightmare for competitors’ strain gauge weighing systems and can cause them to lose calibration — or even worse — result in permanent damage. Typically, loss of calibration can trigger a deviation and result in expensive investigations and corrective actions. Non-contact digital capacitive sensing, a technology unique to Eilersen’s Capacitive Weighing System, was designed to tolerate these movements and can handle weighing in adverse conditions without any errors or need for recalibration. This unique ability is due to a non-contacting sensor isolated inside the unit; this sensor can handle abrupt movements and consistently deliver accurate weight measurements. The advantages of this system lead to real and substantial cost savings in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in food, chemical, biotech, logistics, and automation businesses.
  • Sanitation: Competitors’ weighing systems often rely on support structures to prevent load cells from being damaged by overloads, side-loading, or twisting. The mounting kits and stabilizers built around these load cells are often cumbersome and prone to binding, which can hinder their smooth operation and cause the cell to read incorrectly. In addition, they can be potential entrapment areas full of crevices, making them difficult to clean. Eilersen’s non-contacting sensor makes this additional support unnecessary, which, coupled with an EHEDG-compliant design and electropolished exterior, enhances cleanability. The clean and elegant designs of Eilersen’s family of load cells makes cleaning a snap, saving clients time and minimizing the potential for contamination. The non-conformance and sanitation issues which have been significant problems in the past are now simplified, leading to increased benefits and opportunities.
  • Communication and Customization: Another advantage of the partnership between Acuity and Eilersen is the access and flexibility the partnership will provide for customers. Unlike competitors in the field of weighing technology, Eilersen/Acuity is willing and able to work directly with clients in customizing the technology to their unique needs. Discussions about applications and ways to improve ease of use are encouraged. Acuity takes pride in being flexible and responsive to clients’ needs and inquiries. The simplified information flow from Eilersen (the designer and manufacturer) to the market and Acuity’s clients creates a more efficient environment while easing adaptability and customization issues.

Since the company was founded in 1969, Eilersen has solely designed and manufactured weighing systems. The Digital Capacitive Weighing System created by Eilersen is the result of over 50 years of attention and deliberate planning, experience, knowledge, and expertise. Unlike many other weighing system manufacturers, the staff at Eilersen devotes 100% of their energy and resources to this technology. That dedication is what leads to Eilersen’s competitive advantage in weighing system manufacturing and enables the production of equipment capable of a high accuracy percentage, outstanding reliability, simple mechanical and electrical installation, and minimal maintenance.

The direct partnership between Acuity Process Solutions and Eilersen will enhance communication and facilitate the successful application of this revolutionary weighing system, by putting our clients’ needs first. Acuity is proud to create a team with them and provide these important problem-solving measures to North American companies. Communication, Conformance, Sanitation…Big Problems, Simplified.

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