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Acuity Process Solutions is proud to introduce Fluidline Technology’s new line of sample valves.

The Sample Valve family of products has been engineered to provide the user with a similar flow rate as that of a 1/2″ diaphragm valve with the advantage of being much more cost efficient. Sample Valves are available in Inline, Angle, and Zero Static Tee. The inlet port orifice for these valves is .370″ diameter. As with all other Fluid Line Valves, the Sample Valves can be configured with a broad range of handle, stem, and outlet options while manufactured from most standard stainless steels  or exotic metals such as C-22, C-276, and AL6XN, depending on its intended use. All of the Sample Valves are fitted with seals that comply with USP Class VI requirements and also meet or exceedFDA CFR 177.2600 of Title 21.

The complete family of Sample Valves is available in a wide range of handle types: Solid Handle, Submersible Handle, and Toggle Handle in both safety and non-safety options. Our handle types are available in seven different colors in order to code different locations or certain preventative maintenance cycles.

The benefits and features of the family of Sample Valves are: minimum dead leg, non-rotating stem (for extended seal life), open/close indicator, quick assembly-disassembly (minimal maintenance time) and full autoclavability (valve can be sterilized as a complete assembly).

  • All Fluid Line valves are fully customizable to suit individual customer’s needs.
  • Bleed and Sample valves have a steam in place (SIP) design option. Standard ¼” steam ports can be added to the body. The elastomer tip design is screwed directly in the stem to hold the tip in place when steam cleaning applications are required.
  • All valves are designed to have minimum dead leg in the closed position. Each valve will have only a drop of fluid remaining internally; depending on the fluid’s viscosity and surface tension rating.
  • Bleed and Sample valves have an optional 45-degree bend in their outlets, either to the handle or to the clamp. This is to optimize sampling on tanks, vessels, bioreactor jackets, draining distribution panels, or ergonomic point of use sampling.
  • All seal materials are USP CLASS VI compliant; KAltraz, EPDM, Viton, TFM and Red and Clear Silicone are available upon request.
  • Broad availability on material of construction; Stainless Steel T316L, AL6XN, Hastelloy C-22 and C276.
  • We offer 7 different handle colors on all our valves for easy identification during periodic system cleaning or flushing, use in hazardous lines, or preventative maintenance replacement cycles. All Fluid Line handle styles are interchangeable in order to meet changing customer needs.
  • Submersible handles are offered for the entire valve to be submersed for cleaning. This saves time and labor by avoiding disassembly, allowing for bulk cleaning, and quick reassembly of production lines.
  • Toggle and Toggle Safety handles offer the convenience to sample “as needed”. Toggle handles have a quick fully-open and fully-closed handle with the ability stay open as needed. Toggle Safety handles have the same quick design features, except that the valve is forced closed as soon as the handle is released.
  • Snap handles are a low cost alternative employing a quickly removable, three piece design. They are intended for general use with a 12-18 months preventative maintenance cycle.
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